Now Serving Next of Quinn Clients

We offer you an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

You have been redirected to this page since Next of Quinn, Inc. (NOQ) is transitioning present clients, and referring all new prospective clients to Zee Designs Inc. (ZDI) of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Next of Quinn has formed an alliance with ZDI who — as of September 2, 2008 — is assuming all NOQ business accounts, offering the benefits of their incredible lineup of web design services, and tremendous team of talented designers and programmers! Though NOQ will remain available as a consultant and design resource for Zee Designs, NOQ president, Jeanne Quinn, has formed this alliance so that she may pursue other artistic endeavors.

Jeanne and Zee Marie, CEO and Interactive Director of Zee Design, Inc., have a long and fruitful history together, with a friendship that started in 1995 and developed into a strong camaraderie both personally and professionally over the years. Throughout the years, they have collaborated together on several projects as they built their businesses in the print and web design industries.

With the similarity in their personalities, business ethics, and approach to web design, it was a natural business decision to bring ZDI in to take over the needs of her existing clients. ZDI offers a diverse host of services sure to help both current and prospective clients create, reinvent, or expand their image, and grow their businesses!

The Team at ZDI looks forward to serving you and helping you grow your business in the years to come. Contact us to see what we can do to help you take your next step in promoting yourself, your talents, and your services.