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Zee Marie

Founding Owner, Executive Director

As Founding Owner and Executive Director, Zee Marie has guided the company from its early days through the mergers and partnerships that have created the incredibly talented team that now powers the success of Zee Designs Incorporated (ZDI). The combination of her creativity, technical ability, enthusiastic spirit, and unique vision has resulted in a company that thrives on meeting and exceeding expectations with the delivery of projects that are exquisitely functional as well as beautiful.

Zee is the inspiration behind and responsible for the usability of ZDI's custom software solutions, including the ZD-CMS™ (Zee Designs Content Management System), the My Dog Events Planning Platform, and numerous software applications (see Spotlights in this website). A motivated, energetic individual, her insights are continually leading her to see new applications for ZDI software solutions to empower organizations to reach the world with their message and serve their audiences.

Over the years, she has been involved with all aspects of development including — but not limited to — project creative concept and blueprint, scope-of-work development, project bids, design, coding, beta testing, systems management, and client relations. She has led her nationwide team with skill and the experience and wisdom of many years in the business.

Due to the complex nature of the work the ZDI Team does, challenges happen. Zee is the cornerstone of optimism and the reassuring spirit for managing challenges with the understanding these are the moments for building strength in relationships with each other and our clients. Expressing gratitude is Zee's favorite thing to share and she has a team around her that hears it often.

As a dog enthusiast and an Event Trial Secretary, she has applied her passion for technology developed by ZDI to revolutionize the operations of dog Agility, Obedience, and Rally Trials

Zee continues to be the inspiration of the team, and the guiding hand behind all our projects.

"Our founding mission "to assist those who assist the wellbeing of others," still rings true today. This may sound odd for a technology company, and this focus ensures us that we are working on projects we enjoy and with clients with whom we can become friends."