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Eddie Roberts

Creative Multimedia Director

Eddie founded his studio in 1993, surrounding himself with other exciting, inspired people and creating an environment rich in creativity and business savvy. Together, they built a base of clientele, describing their growth as a welcome challenge.

Their process starts with researching the industry of each client, finding the right fit, and adding in experience, dedication, vision, and concentrated focus. Their passion is what makes the creative process so exciting and successful. Eddie created an integrated communications design firm focused on building compelling brand experiences across print and interactive media.

His company, CDI Studios, functions as an integrated design firm, "because our clients need us to. Our integrated, strategic approach to brand building and marketing communications uses print and interactive channels to create meaningful relationships with target customers. When we create a communication design program, we look for the optimal mix of message and media."

Integrated communication tactics grounded in smart, inspired design are the only way to reach the target market in today's environment. Success today means creating a positive, memorable, interactive customer experience. Eddie emphasizes, "To do that, you have to strategically merge creativity and technology. You have to stand out, and you have to be unforgettable."

His current passion and main focus is video production from start to finish, including providing equipment, crew, and talent; discovering locations; casting and rehearsals; developing storyboards; and shooting, editing, sound design, motion graphics, special effects, etc.

Another part of success in these times is to keep up with global trends and emerging technology. When Eddie started looking for a way to tap into the virtual office and website content management trends, he sought out his long-time friends at Zee Designs to partner in collaborative ventures. He appreciated the feature-packed ZD-CMS™ Zee Designs had to offer, which was much more powerful and customizable than any of the other content management systems CDI Studios had used in the past. He was intrigued with the flexible virtual teams that Zee Designs had to offer, and he resonated with their business integrity and heart.

Today CDI Studios and Zee Designs offer both similar and complementary services. We work separately in our own projects and together in joint ventures in ways that best serve our clients. The business relationship continues to evolve as we develop ever more creative ways to serve our clients.