Website Hosting

We have a solution for every business.

Zee Designs Inc. has five levels of web hosting to meet your specific requirements most efficiently and economically. You can start small and upgrade your service level at any time when you require additional services.

Standard - This no-frills package is great as a starter package for small, low volume sites without eCommerce requirements. Allows up to 10 email addresses.

Standard Plus - This package gives you the same value as the Standard package above plus increased disk space of up to 70 megs to accommodate sites which may include modules that contain numerous attached documents and images. For added marketing value, you may have up to 5 additional domain names pointing to specific website pages within your site or even to the home page.

Premium - Everything in the Standard Plus package plus more disk space, monthly data transfer, additional DNS pointing, up to 15 email accounts with increased storage, and webmail for access to POP3 email accounts.

Premium Advanced - This package accommodates sites or a group of sites with a healthy number of pages, data and volume and includes 150 megs of disk space, 10 Gb of monthly data transfer, up to 15 additional DNS pointing, up to 30 email accounts with 150 megs of storage, and webmail for access to POP3 email accounts.

Premium Advanced Plus - Everything in the Premium Advanced package with accommodations for more disk space and up to 20 additional DNS pointing. This package may accommodate client-specific needs such as our ZD-Shop™, integration of a blog, a survey application and other frills to spice up your site.

Visit our Website Hosting Packages pricing page for a grid that compares complete technical specifications and pricing for each level.

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The Strength of Our Award-Winning Affiliate

Zee Designs is proud of its affiliation with a Las Vegas-based, award-winning website hosting service, which specializes in providing fast and reliable virtual web hosting and dedicated server solutions for individuals, large and small companies, and resellers all around the world.

Unlike many hosting providers, our affiliate does not co-locate with any ISPs. All internet connectivity is delivered via fiber-optic cable (redundant pairs) from diverse backbones directly to OC-3 equipment right in our datacenter. That means that our customers benefit from 100% of all available bandwidth.

Our affiliate is the sole owner and sole occupant of the building where the datacenter and staff are located. This provides maximum flexibility in operations and allows a greater level of security for the datacenter.

The datacenter is backed by a gas-powered generator capable of maintaining power indefinitely in the event of utility power failure. The datacenter is also equipped with redundant cooling and automatic transfer switches.

With our primary focus on service and reliability, our affiliate uses only the latest in technology for your website, relying on only top-of-the-line equipment from respected names such as SGI, Intel, and Cisco. All of these features, in combination with our competitive pricing, make Zee Designs the best choice for hosting your website.

Zee Designs' affiliate has been consistently voted one of the Top 25 best Web hosting companies according to the Ultimate Web Host List!—an independently owned ranking service. They have been noted for ". . . providing fast, reliable, customer oriented web hosting services."

Our affiliate has also received the NetMechanic Star Performer award. To qualify for the NetMechanic Star Performer award, a web host provider's server must have an overall download time in the 60th percentile of the last 1000 servers tested and a reliability rating of at least 95% during the test period. The tests are performed 3-4 times a month, with testing days being determined randomly. Each test period monitors the domain for 24 hours, then reports the results for that period.