Website Hosting

We have a solution for every business.

Zee Designs Inc. has five levels of web hosting to meet your specific requirements most efficiently and economically. You can start small and upgrade your service level at any time when you require additional services.

Standard - This no-frills package is great as a starter package for small, low volume sites without eCommerce requirements. Allows up to 10 email addresses.

Standard Plus - This package gives you the same value as the Standard package above plus increased disk space of up to 70 megs to accommodate sites which may include modules that contain numerous attached documents and images. For added marketing value, you may have up to 5 additional domain names pointing to specific website pages within your site or even to the home page.

Premium - Everything in the Standard Plus package plus more disk space, monthly data transfer, additional DNS pointing, up to 15 email accounts with increased storage, and webmail for access to POP3 email accounts.

Premium Advanced - This package accommodates sites or a group of sites with a healthy number of pages, data and volume and includes 150 megs of disk space, 10 Gb of monthly data transfer, up to 15 additional DNS pointing, up to 30 email accounts with 150 megs of storage, and webmail for access to POP3 email accounts.

Premium Advanced Plus - Everything in the Premium Advanced package with accommodations for more disk space and up to 20 additional DNS pointing. This package may accommodate client-specific needs such as our ZD-Shop™, integration of a blog, a survey application and other frills to spice up your site.

Visit our Website Hosting Packages pricing page for a grid that compares complete technical specifications and pricing for each level.

For more information on our web hosting in general, browse the items below.

Fully Maintained Dedicated Servers

Setup Fee & Monthly Service: quote by request

Through Zee Designs and its hosting affiliate, you can have your own dedicated server on the internet without the administrative and financial responsibilities of owning and operating a server and networking equipment.

Our affiliate hosts a large range of dedicated servers. No matter what your requirements, they can meet your needs and grow with your company.

Our affiliate will completely maintain and manage your servers. This means that they will perform all routine hardware maintenance, software updates, and repair/replace any failed components (including hard-drives) at no additional charge for parts or labor. They keep spare hard-drives, power-supplies, boards and chips in stock in case anything fails. They also provide:

  • 24-hour, 365-day monitoring of internet connectivity.
  • 24-hour, 365-day monitoring of web server availability.
  • BGP routing and redundant internet paths to your server.
  • UPS battery backup.
  • Gas-powered Backup Generator for unlimited runtime without Utility Power.
  • Climate controlled, secure, environment.
  • All included in your monthly fee.

Your dedicated server will be optimized for performance and reliability using the same proven techniques that they have applied to their own web servers for years.

Our affiliate does not co-locate with an ISP for connectivity. They own and operate OC-3 (155mbps) equipment right in their datacenter! So our customers do not share connectivity with other ISPs.

Some of the features of a dedicated server include:

  • Genuine Intel Processors (PIII-450 or greater*)
  • 128 MB of memory
  • 30 GB Hard drive or greater*
  • Daily Backups
  • 20 gigabytes of transfer! (20,000 mb)
  • 30 IP-based virtual domains with DNS
  • Unlimited Non-IP based virtual websites
  • Unlimited POP accounts**
  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding Addresses
  • Unlimited tech support
  • WUsage Statistics Package

Setup Fee: Start at $400 one-time (includes UNIX os, NT is additional)
Monthly Service: Start at $400.

Be sure to inquire about any specials we may be offering on dedicated servers.

If you have questions, or to get started with your dedicated server today please contact us.


* guaranteed minimum for $400 setup fee (inquire about current availability)
** for IP-based virtual domains