A deeper look into some of our projects.

Nevada Water Environment Association

2008: home pageOriginally, the Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA) and the Nevada Board of Certification for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators (NBC-WTPO) were looking for a way to have one website represent two affiliated organizations. The solution? Zee Designs designed a site style to accommodate both organizations. At that time, the two websites looked, felt, and managed like one. (see first image on right)

Organization and ease of use were very important to this client, and Zee Designs received praise for successfully completing both tasks. The NWEA website was designed with water in mind. Great care was taken to make the extensive content of the association and certification branches of this organization work cohesively together. Throughout the site, the site style coloring matched the site map visitors were viewing.

2014: home pageIn early 2014, NWEA decided they wished to integrate the Certification Website with the Association Website resulting in one site with a similar yet fresh look, and updates to the navigation to make the content easily accessible. Once again, NWEA is elated with the results and have received many compliments for the revised website. (see second image on right)

Along with using many modules inside its website, Zee Designs also developed a custom solution for NWEA. The WTPO List Module gives the NBC-WTPO staff the ability to manage and organize a large volume of records easily in their Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators, Analysts, and Inspectors List. Website visitors are able to view the most recent list at any time, as well as download a PDF file of the data.

With careful planning from all involved parties, each business aspect is distinguishable and their large volumes of information are well organized.

See for yourself . . . Visit the NWEA Website today!