A deeper look into some of our projects.

Sunburst Shutters Store Locator Web App

When the Zee Designs team developed the first Sunburst Shutters website, we also developed a robust Find a Store Search Feature. We were very proud of the many features it contained to help customers, store administrators, and corporate management.

The company was pleased – and inspired. Four years later they came back to us and said, “This is great! We LOVE it! And now we want to track which stores got which leads. We want every store to have its own web page! We want to have the option for them to all look different from each other. We want the content on the pages to be customizable in many different ways, with local social media links, local promotions, pictures, areas served, and more. We have to be able to tell people the nearest store to where they are standing, cell phone in hand. And the SEO has to be just right! We don’t want to get into trouble with duplicate content! Don’t forget the maps! Oh yes, it still has to do all the things we did in the Find a Store Locator – but more!”

One of the key goals with the new Store Locator web app was to push conversions from the corporate site through to the local stores and be able to follow up on the results.

Sunburst Shutters - Store LocatorOur Game Plan

Zee Designs put together a comprehensive design and development plan so that each store had its own identity. In addition, ZDI was hired to consult and work together with another company that has a software solution that specializes in SEO-focused, location-specific content for a few select store-specific websites. The two teams worked together to define important factors between the ZDI’s Designer Platform and their software solution so that the two delivered congruent content. ZDI worked closely with the client and other developers to ensure the corporate brand and important web-savvy guidelines were uncompromised.

Sunburst Shutters - Store Locator Web App

The Outcome

And it was so! The new Store Locator Web App offers meaningful, content-rich pages for each store location to serve as inspiration to potential customers and as exposure for stores; all optimized for SEO.

Features of the new Store Locator app include:

  • A customizable page for every store, named in an SEO-friendly way.
  • Each location can have a different style, content, text, images, coupons, interactive map, and more.
  • Use of GPS in searching.
  • Live map of all locations, updated on the fly if locations are added or deleted. It doesn’t need manual updating.
  • Enhanced metadata features and fields specific to each store.
  • Management of consultation requests by store with Corporate always in the loop.
  • Default primary picture that can “replaced” by updating a store-specific record with their own, unique photo.

Mission accomplished in a sleek, efficient, and beautiful way.