A deeper look into some of our projects.

Steve Beyer Productions Talent Showcase Web App

Steve Beyer Productions already had a database of talent highlighted on its old website. It was arranged by a limited number of categories. Website visitors would select a category of entertainment from a long list, and the website would deliver the entertainers that fit the category. It worked, but newer technology allows for better, more sophisticated methods of search and data delivery, and even sharing the information. So Steve Beyer Productions requested a new Talent Showcase that would be easier to use, have mobile-friendly screen designs, offer more data, and display the same fresh modern look as the new website solution we were developing for their new branding. (See Spotlight on Steve Beyer Productions Branding.)

Steve Beyer Productions - Talent ManagerOur Game Plan

Our answer was a custom web application. Zee Designs would take a look at the data already there, analyze what additional types of information would be added or displayed, and design better ways to configure the website search function. There would have to be an easy and secure way for the company to administer updates for existing entries and data entry for new ones. The database would tie into the website’s Talent page so that when the database changed, it would be reflected in automatic updates of new and featured artists to reflect the changes. Although this would be a separate web application, it would have the same look and feel as the regular site and act like part of the website. Visitors to the app would be able to create accounts and automatically send artists selected from their search to Steve Beyer Productions.

Steve Beyer Productions - Talent Manager - detail viewsThe Outcome

The end product was a colorful interactive web application that allows visitors to the site to do an interactive search with a variety of filtering options to make it easier to find just the right talent. Visitors can take the searching activity to the next level by creating an account with a login, doing their searches, marking the artists they’d like more information about, and sending the artist information along with event information via an email form directly to Steve Beyer Productions. After sending the information, visitors can wait for one of the staff to get back to them, or call in and the agent will have all the information about the artists they are interested in right in front of them so they can answer questions more efficiently.

The original images for the artists were resized for different uses:

  • Original size for downloading
  • Large size for full-page viewing
  • Medium size for featured images on detail page
  • Small size for lists of images

The individual pages for the artists combine the text, photos, and video in a sophisticated way.

New Features of the new Talent Showcase App

  • Mobile friendly and responsive screen design.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features added
  • Additional data fields added and Model information enhanced to add more options
  • Artist Testimonials added
  • JavaScript-powered search page is able to query artists by:
    • Labels
    • Performance style
    • Featured or New
    • Freestyle text name, labels, styles, etc.
  • Google Analytics set up for web statistics
  • Talent Inquiry activities:
    • Create account
    • Login, logout, delete account (Send email to confirm deleting an account)
    • Add artist to talent inquiry
    • Submit talent inquiry
    • If not logged in, ask for user’s info name, email, password, phone, best time to reach, notes
  • List history of talent inquiries
  • “Share this search” with others
  • Inquiries are editable by agents in the Administrative portion of the system
  • Each artist would be marked as added or removed by agent

Administration Features Added

  • Authentication for administrative-level access to data
  • Ability to specify whether data should be shown or hidden

The new Talent Showcase offers a flexibility and sophistication that will delight the visitor while helping them find talent efficiently, and at the same time making administration and customer service easy. The website style and branding carries throughout in a beautiful way.