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Mojave Max Website for Clark County Desert Conservation Program

Mojave Max cartoon characterClark County Desert Conservation Program (CCDCP) and its partners needed a modern interactive website with a new brand style to teach people about native desert species, and how to safely explore, protect, and enjoy the local desert environment. Mojave Max is a desert tortoise who is used as a vehicle for training school age children as well as the general public. Every year the Clark County Desert Conservation Program holds a contest for people to guess the date that Max will emerge from his brumation.

Mojave Max home page

Our Game Plan

Zee Designs determined the best way to reorganize their content, showcase the content with a new brand style, offer their staff a way to edit their content in a sophisticated CMS, and engage their website visitors.

The Outcome

The website is vibrant and alive, with colorful photos and easy-to-navigate forms for entering the contest or contacting the Clark County Desert Conservation program. Everywhere you look on the website, there are things to do and information that is helpful including:

Mojave Max kid's activitiesEmergence Contest Submissions

  • Emergence Contest information and rules
  • Forms to accept entries from Students, Teachers, and the public
  • Share information about the winners

Activities for Kids

  • Play an interactive game to find and learn about all the plants and animals in a desert landscape photo.
  • Download coloring sheets
  • Learn fun facts
  • Enter the Emergence Contest

Mojave Max events calendarResources for Teachers

  • Information about how to arrange special programs at their schools
  • Activity sheets and other teaching documents for all ages to download for classroom use
  • Suggested books with abstracts and links to purchase on Amazon
  • Links to other websites with information about desert plants and animals

Calendar for Mojave Max

  • Show Mojave Max’s public appearance calendar and other notable events

In addition, CCDCP were looking for a way to engage children and requested Zee Designs to develop a custom solution. Kids Adventure is an educational activity “sheet” where children (and adults alike) can explore Mojave Max’s desert home and identify exciting plants and animals that are important to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

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