A deeper look into some of our projects.

Customer Center for Virgin Valley Water District

Based in a desert climate, conservation is a high priority for VVWD, and this does not stop with water. In 2008, they were looking to streamline their processes. The customers of Virgin Valley Water District (VVWD) were asking for online billpay, however employees were unsure about how this huge change would effect their jobs and current workflow. Zee Designs was able to deliver a solution that blew them both out of the water. Now, with a couple of years of online customer management experience, the employees of VVWD could not imagine returning to the old way of paper bills.

Customers can:

  • View monthly bills online or via downloadable PDF, update account details, and submit change requests
  • Pay bill online, set payment options, and see payment history
  • View water usage reports
  • Submit requests for a service call or stop service

Administrators can:

  • View a list of current customers, those with web accounts, and expired customers
  • Manage customer account information and pending requests
  • View web payment reports
  • Add bulletins to customer monthly bills
  • Manage admin, customer, and customer center notifications and scheduled actions