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People search. Now they will find you.

Search engine friendly takes top priority

Zee Designs develops and builds websites to be search engine friendly and offers a wide variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are customized to the client's business.

The place to start is with a strategic SEO plan that:

  • fits in with your overall marketing plan,
  • is directed to your desired audience, and
  • results in a content-rich site where content is consistent with search keywords and your overall theme.

Once your site is optimized, we can provide ongoing services to keep on top of the ever-changing world of website search engines.

How you can help yourself with SEO at little or no cost

Learn and plan

  • Read the entire section of the Zee Designs FAQ’s on Search Engine Optimization, particularly the overview, to ensure you understand the current state of search engine technology.
  • Fill out the Zee Designs SEO Questionnaire to start the process of  improvement.
  • Fill out the Zee Designs Marketing Questionnaire and review your overall marketing plan and consider how promoting and driving traffic to the website fits in. SEO is only one part of a  bigger picture.

Online Research

  • Go to a variety of search websites and try different combinations of search terms to see where your website falls in the list. Compare the number of responses to different search terms. This will give you an insight into the competition for rankings. Notice which sites are at the top of the list and if that is consistent between searches. Look at these sites to get some insights. Do the same searches later and see if you get the same results. Do the same searches in different search engines to compare the results. This exercise will put things into perspective for you.
  • Monitor the site statistics available through your site manager (for ZD-CMS™ sites only) or Google Analytics if that has been set up for you. Monitor this as you do marketing promotions or have other people add links to your site from their sites.
  • Monitor the other sites that you link to as time goes on, making sure that they are still high quality sites.

Update your website content to feed the web bots

  • Update the page content regularly so it is fresh. When you update content, be aware of keyword phrases and your subject matter so that any content added is congruent with your purpose. People like to revisit sites that are continually adding useful content.
    • As you update your site with photos and other graphics, be sure to enter the alternative text in the dialog box where you add the graphic. Use text that is keyword related and relevant to your subject.
  • Add links to high quality (and ranked) sites that are similar to yours or complement your subject. Avoid linking to sites that are unrelated in any way. If you can have the other sites link to you, that is a bonus.
  • Avoid things that can cause your ranking to go down, like:
    • Links to bad neighborhoods, such as link farms and Free-For-All sites (sites that allow anyone to add a link).
    • Vile language or words that suggest that the site is spam.
    • Copyright violations.
    • Text the same color as the background so it is invisible.

Promote your site

  • Ensure that your website address appears on all printed materials, such as cards, letterhead, brochures, signs, newsletters, coupons, and ads.
  • Make your website address part of your email signature.
  • When you make significant additions or changes to your site, announce it in social media, such as Linked In.
  • Mention your website address when networking or when being interviewed for blogs or newspaper articles.
  • Talk up your site to your clients.
  • Craft well-written eNews to announce a specific service, product, special offer, or educational insight, and send to your clients on a regular basis, such as once a month.

Zee Designs is always eager to help you take your next steps in developing your SEO. Let's begin!

  • Read our SEO FAQs to get more information about Search Engine Optimization and the process.
  • Then fill out our online SEO Questionnaire to start our conversation.
  • Download our Marketing Questionnaire and fill it out to get a good picture of how SEO will fit into your overall marketing plan.

We look forward to optimizing your site.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Reaching the online universe

Search Engine Optimization is part of the setup for every website we create, and certain elements of the process dovetail with the Website Project processes.

The longterm success of the process relies on the understanding of the process by the client and the willingness of the client to cooperate with us in the setup of the content and metadata. There are many things a client can do for themselves over time to promote their site, and our website outlines these things in depth on our FAQs page.

We are happy to put regular, ongoing SEO checkups on our calendar at your request.