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Search engine friendly takes top priority

Zee Designs develops and builds websites to be search engine friendly and offers a wide variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are customized to the client's business.

The place to start is with a strategic SEO plan that:

  • fits in with your overall marketing plan,
  • is directed to your desired audience, and
  • results in a content-rich site where content is consistent with search keywords and your overall theme.

Once your site is optimized, we can provide ongoing services to keep on top of the ever-changing world of website search engines.

SEO Service Options

At Zee Designs, we recognize that new companies have very different requirements than companies that have been in business a long time and have already delved into the world of SEO. At Zee Designs, we avoid "one size fits all" packages. Services we provide are tailored to you and may include the following (and more if required):

Detailed Strategic Plan and Keyword Discovery:

Billed price depends on the scope of job. This includes analysis of the SEO and Marketing Questionnaires, research, and recommendations for SEO integration into the site content and meta data.

SEO Checkup:

This process is for an existing site that has yet to be fully optimized, or as maintenance, or where business conditions or services have changed. We review where the site currently stands with respect to stated goals, and suggest next steps. We have a standardized benchmarks checklist. Depending on the sophistication of the site and the requirements, it can be a summary job or a very detailed one.

  • Current status of site
    • Current keywords, titles, and descriptions –  is there one for whole site or one for each page or section?
    • Robot.txt in use?
    • Sitemap.xml in use?
    • Google Analytics in use?
  • Benchmarks – where are you currently appearing in the rankings?
    • Rankings – your site and competitor sites
    • What keywords are your competitors using?
    • Where is your actual audience and are you targeting them with content and metadata?
      • Local/State/Regional/National/International?
      • Demographics
  • Link Analysis
    • Search Terms - What search terms are your audience actually using?
    • Where are users entering the site, how long are they staying, and where are they going once they get there? Are you using funnels to get the visitor where you want them to go?
    • Are there any bad links?
    • Who is linking to the site and what kind of ranks do these sites have?

We will make recommendations based on the results of the analysis. When we make the changes, you will understand the reasons.

The Metadata Tweak:

Billed per page, this service provides:

  • Custom title for each page that contains relevant keywords
  • Custom keywords, description per page
  • New Robots.txt and sitemap.xml generated at the end of the process

Content Optimization:

Billed per page optimized

  • Text
  • Header text
  • Image/alternative text

Google Analytics

Generally one hour for initial setup. User training and monitoring are customized to the requirements and goals of the client. Services include:

  • Initial setup
  • User training
  • Monitoring

Ala Carte Services

News submissions – we suggest strategy, sign up with wire service(s), write copy.

Blog and Social Media – we guide strategy, do setup, and provide content. Price depends on actual strategic plan requirements, how much the user will participate in content development, and frequency and scope of updates.

Inbound link strategy and setup – High quality sites that link to your site increase your search engine ranking. We can contact other sites for direct links, write articles for other sites that reference your site, get you interviews with complementary sites that will link to your site. There is a wide variety of options so price depends on the scope of the job.

Directory submissions – this activity is customized on the industry and goals of the client. Many directories charge for inclusion.

Periodic Reporting and Strategic Recommendations – We can evaluate analytic reports that show your number of hits and how your audience is visiting the site. We can make recommendations for changes based on your desired goals. Price depends on the scope of job.

Update Print Media to keep your branding consistent and draw visitors to your website.

Zee Designs is always eager to help you take your next steps in developing your SEO. Let's begin!

  • Read our SEO FAQs to get more information about Search Engine Optimization and the process.
  • Then fill out our online SEO Questionnaire to start our conversation.
  • Download our Marketing Questionnaire and fill it out to get a good picture of how SEO will fit into your overall marketing plan.

We look forward to optimizing your site.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Reaching the online universe

Search Engine Optimization is part of the setup for every website we create, and certain elements of the process dovetail with the Website Project processes.

The longterm success of the process relies on the understanding of the process by the client and the willingness of the client to cooperate with us in the setup of the content and metadata. There are many things a client can do for themselves over time to promote their site, and our website outlines these things in depth on our FAQs page.

We are happy to put regular, ongoing SEO checkups on our calendar at your request.