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Search engine friendly takes top priority

Zee Designs develops and builds websites to be search engine friendly and offers a wide variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are customized to the client's business.

The place to start is with a strategic SEO plan that:

  • fits in with your overall marketing plan,
  • is directed to your desired audience, and
  • results in a content-rich site where content is consistent with search keywords and your overall theme.

Once your site is optimized, we can provide ongoing services to keep on top of the ever-changing world of website search engines.

SEO Services Overview

Zee Designs has services that are very affordable.  In addition, as part of an overall custom package, we are prepared to train you on things you can do for free.

SEO Services Overview:

We can

  • Determine the level of SEO service you require.
  • Do research to determine optimal keywords and update your metatags and content accordingly.
  • Introduce you to blogs and other Social Media and help you introduce it into your marketing plan and SEO strategy.
  • Provide professional writing services for websites, press releases, blogs, and  other social media. We can also submit your news to online distribution sources so it is available to Google News.
  • If appropriate, submit your site to online directories. Submission costs may apply.
  • Set up Google Analytics for your site to track detailed information on number of visitors and other web traffic statistics.
  • Provide periodic reports on web traffic and make recommendations for tweaking the content or keywords based on performance and changes in focus on the part of the search engines.
  • Do competitive SEO analysis, looking at your site compared to your competitors' sites and recommend how to make your site more competitive.
  • Upgrade existing print materials or create new materials so they are consistent with your web image, contain the web address, and use similar wording to the keyword-rich content on your site.
  • If your site is programmed using something other than ZD-CMS™ or EDU-CMS™, such as HTML or Flash, we can help you explore the benefits of upgrading. Older Flash sites in particular have challenges when it comes to modern Search Engine Optimization.

Analysis of your current situation will help us guide you to the most cost-effective ways to handle optimization of your site for search engines.

Zee Designs is always eager to help you take your next steps in developing your SEO. Let's begin!

  • Read our SEO FAQs to get more information about Search Engine Optimization and the process.
  • Then fill out our online SEO Questionnaire to start our conversation.
  • Download our Marketing Questionnaire and fill it out to get a good picture of how SEO will fit into your overall marketing plan.

We look forward to optimizing your site.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Reaching the online universe

Search Engine Optimization is part of the setup for every website we create, and certain elements of the process dovetail with the Website Project processes.

The longterm success of the process relies on the understanding of the process by the client and the willingness of the client to cooperate with us in the setup of the content and metadata. There are many things a client can do for themselves over time to promote their site, and our website outlines these things in depth on our FAQs page.

We are happy to put regular, ongoing SEO checkups on our calendar at your request.