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Zee Designs provides a variety of extra services to support your marketing, print, and web projects.

Translation Services

English to Spanish & Spanish to English

Expand your business by targeting the growing Latin-American community. Highly skilled and using standard Spanish, our incredible translating associates make it all possible. They've been awarded two Emmys for Spanish news reporting and have been used by major companies, such as Apple, Yahoo, IBM, and Ericcson, which is why they are quite prepared to tackle your Spanish translating needs, from feature articles, video scripts, and speeches to promotional materials and technical pieces.

Japanese to English & English to Japanese

Reach the Japanese market with your ideas, goods and services. An experienced team of native speakers of both English and Japanese accurately convey the original as well as the natural wording in the target language. Let their expertise go to work for you with finely translated business documents, business and personal correspondence, manuals, catalogs, computer and technical material, web pages, education and language materials.