Your projects are in the best hands.

Zee Designs provides a variety of extra services to support your marketing, print, and web projects.

Text Input and Manipulation

At Zee Designs we love to work with words, and we love to save our clients time and effort. Tell us what you require, give us what you already have, and watch us work our magic.

Text Input
Our team can enter and format the actual words of an author or speaker given to us in audio, digital, or written form into the computer to be part of a book, article, website page, or other digital format.

Copy Editing
We can make minor changes to prepare and polish (written material) for publication or presentation, by correcting, revising, deleting, or adapting.

If requested, we can make substantial changes to the text given to us in audio, digital, or written form by reorganizing, editing, reformating, and reworking.  It is our desire that rewritten text retain the "voice" of the writer, no matter how extensive the edits, and that the final product is clear and easy to read.