Pricing. How much will it cost?

We have a solution for every budget.

We are upfront about the costs and the processes.

Got a project you have in mind and would like to know how much it costs? ZDI is adept at creating Strategic Project Plans, Technical Scope of Work outlines, and the like. Investment begins at $3,750.

We often explain that building print and website projects is like building a house. To accurately estimate a project, we take into consideration the finished project and all the choices available to you to get there. The variety of choices for your project are unlikely to fit into a predetermined package, so we estimate each project separately. Our Process describes our time-tested combination of professional services guaranteed to deliver. Our Fee Schedule will give you an idea of the hourly rates we charge for different types of work.

Zee Designs specializes in creating website solutions that go beyond the realm of regular websites and usually include interactive website applications that save our clients time and money in terms of gathering and processing data from website visitors. For these types of sites, budgets typically range from $15,000 and up plus include recurring web services fees from $250 and up.

Print Projects we do involve large scale brand and re-brand projects with multiple pieces of print media, often in conjunction with a new website. Pricing depends on the details of the job, so contact us to discuss your particular project.

All programming is ZDI acquisitioned server dependent. Zee Designs Inc. retains the ownership rights to all programming to which clients have user privileges unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. EULA and fees may apply.