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We offer you an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Since the very beginning, Zee Designs has been a partnership with a team of professionals dedicated to providing a variety of services and products to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money! Whatever your project needs, Zee Designs offers you a rich resource exploding with an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Kay Whipple

Business Development Consultant, Content Developer, SEO and Marketing Strategist

Kay Whipple's passion has been applying technological and business systems to make businesses more productive and successful. She has had many years of experience in executive and life coaching, web and database programming, business consulting, billing systems, strategic planning, traditional and internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, writing, and publishing through her company, Webs and Wings, LLC.

She was asked to be part of Zee Designs because of her business and technical knowledge and her creative writing skills in this area. She is a master at knowing how to best present content to users of complex solutions such as the ZD-CMS™ and the EDU-CMS™.

Understanding technical proposals from the point of view of a web programmer (and a business and marketing expert!), she helps clients and website committees understand each other. She makes sense of the reasons that points suggested in proposals are necessary, which upgrades are desirable, and then makes additional recommendations.

Kay continually stays in touch with new technologies and offers suggestions for additional updates to Zee Designs clients' websites and systems for PR, educational, SEO, or other purposes.

Her background working with a wide range of businesses has given her deep insights into the way successful businesses operate, so she is also working with Zee Designs as a business development consultant in addition to providing content, design, presentation, and editing services. She has spent the last 30 years applying spiritual and energetic principles to business situations, and brings Zee Designs a unique experience, which we are now making available to select clients.

In working with clients, Kay is able to quickly evaluate business operations and the challenges of their owners and officers. She addresses their work-life balance, their concerns about risk and accountability, and the relationships they have with their team and their clients. Helping people define their roles and boundaries can be very important in small businesses where one person can wear many hats. Kay helps get stalled or confused projects back on track with a renewed focus and a tangible plan that avoids overwhelm. She helps people deal with uncertainty and change in ways that clarify their goals and vision. She is adept at asking the right clarifying questions and often speeds progress along so that desired changes are implemented in a timely fashion.

Kay Whipple has a BS in Computer Science, Industrial Management, and Large Scale Systems Engineering (Sustainability) from Purdue University and an MBA in Marketing and Economics from the Simon School, University of Rochester. She is an Advanced Certified Life Coach and is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming.

Kay and her family have used active and passive solar technology since the early 1980s, and live in an enviromentally friendly way. She is a lifetime member of the Labyrinth Society.