Our Principals & Team

We offer you an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Since the very beginning, Zee Designs has been a partnership with a team of professionals dedicated to providing a variety of services and products to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money! Whatever your project needs, Zee Designs offers you a rich resource exploding with an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Max Moss

Executive Advisor

Originally born and raised in New Hampshire, Max has been in Las Vegas since October 1996. Max started his career in the printing department of the Concord Monitor newspaper, where he spent 10 years. For the following 12 years, he was one of the top salespersons for Sanel Auto Parts.

Ready for a change in careers, he decided to invest his time and focus in learning desktop publishing, multimedia production, and print production. By January 1999, Max and Zee had entered a formal partnership agreement.

As Executive Advisor, his keen insights into people and business make him a key partner in developing client relationships, as well as in the discovery aspects of projects, where ZDI has to ask just the right questions to scope out client project requirements. Max excels in research, able to find whatever information is necessary to speed a project along.

He also has a passion for recycling to save the planet. He created the Impacting Our World Plan shortly after he joined Zee Designs.