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Since the very beginning, Zee Designs has been a partnership with a team of professionals dedicated to providing a variety of services and products to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money! Whatever your project needs, Zee Designs offers you a rich resource exploding with an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Loren Purcell

Creative Director

Creative Director Loren Purcell is fun to work with, he’s extremely talented and, gosh darn it, people just like him. He’s very intuitive when working with clients and understands his clients needs even if they aren’t able to express them.

Over the years, Loren has had his hands in various traditional mediums. He has illustrated multiple children’s books for the National Park System, and for six years he served as the Illustrator for the 19th Special Forces Group USARNG.

Loren founded Purcell Studios of Art & Design in 1997. He loved the work and the integration of fine art, composition, and graphic design, but he didn’t care for his generic company name. One evening while watching a remake of Dawn of the Dead with his 4-yr-old son, Loren found himself trying to convince his nervous offspring that zombies were only pretend and couldn’t hurt anyone. His son replied, “Oh…they’re not going to hurt us? They’re only paper zombies?”. Thus his business had found its true name and “Paper Zombies” was born.

Since then, Paper Zombies has rocked over 6,500 design projects, and regularly works with such cool clients as Red Rock Canyon, Club Fortune Casino, The District at Green Valley, Criss Angel, Greenspun Media Group, marahlago, Robosaurus, King Ink, and, of course, Zee Designs. ;)

Loren enjoys spending time with his beautiful, left-handed wife, fishing, playing the guitar, and disk-golfing with his boys. This is how Zombies enjoy life.