Our Principals & Team

We offer you an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

Since the very beginning, Zee Designs has been a partnership with a team of professionals dedicated to providing a variety of services and products to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money! Whatever your project needs, Zee Designs offers you a rich resource exploding with an incredibly talented network of possibilities.

  • Zee Marie
    Founding Owner
    Executive Director
  • Max Moss
    Executive Advisor
  • Kay Whipple
    Business Development Consultant
    Content Developer
    SEO and Marketing Strategist
  • Christopher Whipple
    Full-stack Engineer
  • Matt Whiteley
    WordPress Developer
  • Sarah Page
    Creative Director
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Magnus Champlin
    Graphic Designer
    WordPress Designer
  • Loren Purcell
    Creative Director
  • Eddie Roberts
    Creative Multimedia Director