Our Focus

We are visionary developers

We take our clients beyond their own vision. We see the bigger picture and we create professional, sustainable, scalable, elegant, efficient, custom SOLUTIONS in print, multimedia, marketing, and especially online!

We shine online

We take on the Enterprise-level jobs, and smaller jobs that don't fit into the boxes where most developers and content management systems try to stuff their clients. When you require a custom solution, when you are ready to have a dynamic site that offers interaction with its audience, when you have outgrown the cookie cutter websites, you are ready for the Zee Designs team of creative and resourceful developers. We design and create websites and online software applications that are supremely functional as well as beautiful while truly expressing your brand.

We have the Creative Edge

Whether we are designing a logo, laying out a book, producing a video, programming a website, developing a marketing plan, or coding a web application, our goal is for our clients to be delighted with how it looks, how well it expresses their image and message, how it works, and how useful it is to its audience. Sophisticated and modern, colorful and enticing, compelling . . . our work draws attention and praise.

It's all about relationship

Relationships between Zee Designs and our clients, between our clients and the product, and between the clients and their audience — all are vital. Zee Designs holds these relationships at the heart of everything we do.

Our desire is to understand our clients and build longterm relationships with them. We help them grow their businesses with image branding, print, web, and marketing strategies that are integrated, and that work together synergistically. When they are ready to take another step forward in any of those areas, we are there with smart, modern solutions with creative flair.

We believe in clients making informed decisions, and we will help you make the right choices for you.

We invite you to learn more about us and roam through our Portfolio.

Take a look at the Services we provide and the Processes we use.

When you are ready to invest yourself in the process and work with us, we invite you to contact us, and become part of the Zee Designs family. We've been waiting for you!