Other Fees and Considerations

We have a solution for every budget.

As per our Remuneration for Services Agreement:

Client shall reimburse Developer for all expenses arising from Estimate(s) including, without limitation:

  • the payment of any sales taxes due,
  • additional project production costs and/or fees including, without limitation:
    • rights transfer,
    • logo development,
    • scanning,
    • custom programming,
    • professional copy writing,
    • sales and marketing plan development,
    • stock and/or custom art and photography,
    • printing over-runs,
    • proofs,
    • exact quantity charges, and
    • shipping and courier services.

Client shall advance 100% of these costs to the Developer for payment of said expenses at the request of Developer.

When applicable, Client agrees to reimburse Developer for all reasonable travel and all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Developer which have been agreed upon between Client and Developer prior to such incurment of expenses.