Visually enhance the communication of your message to your target audience.

Using visual and audio media can enhance the communication of your message to your target audience. At Zee Designs, we are well equipped to provide you with any type of multimedia you desire.

Alongside stationary artwork, any one of the features below will provide the extra clarity necessary for your audience to fully grasp the content being delivered.

  • Audio: site-wide soundtrack, podcasts, or sound effects
  • Custom Art, Photo Art & Layout: computer graphic art which is created, re-created, revised, positioned, etc.
  • Flash: animated artwork elements or movie clips, dynamic slideshows
  • Video: streaming web-optimized movie clips, presentations
  • Walk-on Video: a spokesperson enters the screen to deliver a message

Multimedia projects can be used for:

  • Websites - Many modern website visitors expect these features and view them as standard on websites.
  • Presentations - Whether for corporate events, business meetings, training, or client presentations, we can create something professional and appropriate to the requirements of the situation.
  • eBooks - Interactive books or brochures can pull in all these features and can be presented online or on CD.
  • Other uses limited only by your imagination - and ours.

All multimedia is created to fit in with your branding and the image and message you wish to convey. We ensure that when these features are added to websites they enhance the web page and work well with the other information that appears on the same page.

Our Multimedia Process

The process of your project is as equally important as the end result.

Our process for creating your multimedia project ensures that it fits your requirements and reflects your image and branding. When it is for a website, we carefully design and integrate it to enhance rather than distract from other elements that may be on the same page.

Phases of HD Video Production