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In a nutshell, Marketing is helping people who are looking for your services to find you, like you, and trust you. It is expressing yourself and your business in a wonderfully, engaging way. Marketing teaches people about your products. Another part of marketing is giving great service so people return and bring others.

In this busy world with its many distractions, it isn't enough just to have a website or a great logo. It is necessary to have a marketing plan and a way to track how the plan is working. All the pieces have to fit, work together, and achieve the stated objective.

Zee Designs can help you create a comprehensive plan AND create all the pieces that will drive it to success. The topics below contain just a few of the ways we can help.

A Brief Introduction to Website Marketing

Website traffic is directly affected by your effectiveness in notifying the public about your web site. Getting the kind of traffic you would like is directly related to how optimized it is for web searches and how all your other marketing materials are used to drive traffic to the website.

Zee Designs offers an excellent web site traffic analysis options so you know exactly what your web site is and isn't doing. From these analysis reports, you, your webmaster, our website marketing experts, and your marketing director can make decisions about changes and revisions that will potentially make your web site more effective. For instance, offering day-to-day information and giveaways is a fantastic way to get visitors to come back to your site time and time again. Collecting email addresses for followup marketing also gives you repeated opportunities to market.

The opportunities and technologies available for website marketing are constantly changing. At Zee Designs, we keep up with the trends so you can always be on the cutting edge.

Some of our website marketing services include:

  • Affiliate programs
  • Auto-email notices
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Email announcements
  • Multi-domain name connection
  • Offering daily-updated information
  • Print media
  • Referal link programs
  • Search engine registration
  • Special offers, giveaways and announcement
    notices by email

All these options are described below.

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Our Marketing Process

The process of your project is as equally important as the end result.

Marketing projects are done in the context of your own business situation, your location, your industry's competitive environment, the economy, and many other factors. We help you sort through it all to get the right approach for you and your business.

Steps toward marketing success:

Is your marketing keeping up with the marketplace??

Unless you do Step 5 periodically, you are leaving money on the table.