The Marketing Questionnaire

The Zee Designs Team would like to help you build your business or organization by ensuring that the face you present to the world through your website, print media, and marketing efforts truly expresses your message and resonates with your clients. We are eager to give you new ideas for how to promote your business. We invite you to open to infinite (yes, we mean endless) possibilities!

This questionnaire has been created to help you see what else you can do to promote yourself and your business in these competitive times, whether on your own or with us to help you. It will take you about 25 minutes to fill out, depending on how much you would like to share with us. We trust that it will give you many ideas to consider.

This Marketing Questionnaire is a gift from Zee Designs to you. We can enhance your experience of this by providing you a written evaluation in return for sharing your information with us. Evaluations start at $360. If you are interested in a written evaluation from us, provide us with a copy of the completed questionnaire, along with a collection of your current marketing materials (as PDF files or hard copy), and email or send it via postal mail to us.

Additionally, are there features mentioned in this questionnaire about which you would like more information? If so, please contact Zee Designs.