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Your Corporate Identity as expressed through your logo, your website, and your printed materials gives a message to your current and potential audience. It can enhance your name recognition and is the focus that anchors your marketing in the minds of your audience. A good visual identity is the hook that draws to you the right market.

Zee Designs provides the following services:

  • Design a new logo or visual identity that expresses the essence of your organization in an exciting and targeted way.
  • Redesign an existing logo or visual identity to express a more up-to-date or accurate image of your company to your audience.
  • Analysis of current print, media, and web assets to recommend updates for a more consistent image branding across media and ensure that the new look carries across all corporate divisions and product lines.
  • Design and production of new or updated business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, packaging, merchandise, multimedia, and website style to assure consistent branding across all media and applications of your brand.
  • Integration of the new or updated identity into marketing to leverage the investment.

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Our Image Branding Process

How we show the world your most exciting face...

Your branding defines you in the marketplace. Our process looks at what you currently have and how you would like to truly express who you are and what you deliver to the world. We ensure that your branding is consistent across all media so you will look your best in any situation.

When was the last time your Corporate Identity had a facelift?