Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions related to Zee Designs, websites and print topics. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

How much will it cost and how are the costs calculated?

It is impossible to answer this question without first addressing what is to be included. What is the purpose of the site - marketing, information, sales, services? How many pages will it have? What kind of software and special features will be used? How many people [designers and developers] will it take to build this website? How much time do we have to build it? What additional services would you like?

The first part of your investment to developing a professional web site for your business should be the Development Plan as discussed in another FAQ. This will usually cost $75 to $150 per hour to develop and can take as little as two hours or as much as dozens of hours depending on the size of the project. From this Development Plan will come an estimate which will detail the cost(s) and phases of the project. Most firms will offer you the option of paying a per hour rate or a fixed project price. Be clear that with a fixed project price, any change or revision to the Development Plan will change the fixed project price.

When you buy a website, you also need to provide all the services that go with it to make it work. Some website development companies attempt to make it look easier or less expensive than it really is by combining all the parts and pieces together in their proposal and skipping over the incidentals, expecting the client already knows what these incidentals are. Then, bang, at the end of the project, the client gets hit with the invoice with all the incidental charges. this will never happen at Zee Designs. We outline all the charges in detail up front, and of there are changes due to changes in the project, we tell you that too.


An experienced, professional website development firm like Zee Designs knows that it is most efficient to be able to acquire and/or provide all services, elements, and production for any website project, be it small or large. They will also know it is about integrity to inform each and every client in writing about everything that is being done.

Costs involved may include:

  • Service that connects you to the internet from your office.
  • Hardware, software, and installation of each for your computers for the connection.
  • Domain name registration.
  • Website hosting & email services.
  • Project consultations and reviews.
  • Creative writing, editing, and translation services.
  • Website add-on solutions such as:
    • Modules, traffic analysis, ecommerce, chat rooms, & forums.
    • Custom programming & database development.
    • Client-side administrative training.
    • Search engine optimization & submissions.
  • Marketing such as:
    • Affiliate program development & traffic report evaluation.
    • Associate link programs & co-branding.
  • Media storage.
  • Elements such as: Clip art, stock photography, animation & scanning.

The important thing to remember is that Zee Designs will always tell you in advance what the charges will be and what is included. We will always let you know your options.