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Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions related to Zee Designs, websites and print topics. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

I intend to update my site frequently. What can I do to cut my costs?

Consider how often you are making changes to your website and on which page or pages. If you are making changes every day, every week, every month, it would be wise to consider having programming designed which would allow you access to the "back side"-often referred to as the administrative side-of your website. You would use this to make changes to your website for that specific page or pages yourself, not relying on the website developer's schedule or motivation. Creating this administrative side is often done in two ways, through a custom application requiring custom programming or through the use of content management modules.

Programming is a time-consuming process and therefore can be costly. To decide if this is the most economical option, the cost of programming needs to be measured against several factors some of which include:

  • the value to your online customers of the information you are changing;
  • how often this information changes;
  • the return you do or potentially will receive from offering this information;
  • and how much you pay your website developer each time you need changes throughout the year.

Modules can be a great way of keeping your costs affordable and getting the kind of flexible access you need to these changing portions of your website. Let's use the excellent example of a Calendar of Events. Our team of website developers and programmers has developed the code for a Calendar Module. Because it is a nearly ready-made piece, it is sold as an element for a very reasonable, one-time-cost to any client desiring this feature in their website. The only custom programming that is done is integrating the module with your website, making it less time consuming than a custom programming application and therefore less costly. Now you have access to your calendar on your website 24/7 on any computer that has internet access around the world! This is just one example of a module option and how it can be used. We have modules for virtually every purpose. Let us know what you require and we will show you how our content management system can create it.

Seriously consider hiring Zee Designs as your website developer. We understand that a website is a living, breathing, interactive and important part of your business and livelihood. The majority of websites are not built and left alone. Due to the wonderful flexibility and technologies the internet involves, your website CAN change-much more easily and economically than changing any of your print, television, or radio media can. It is appropriate to find a website development team that will consider your needs now AND as your business evolves, evaluate these needs appropriately, give you options for empowering solutions that work for both of you and continue to support you with marketing solutions that will potentially bring you business. After all, isn't that why you had a website built in the first place?