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What are the advantages/disadvantages of a company setting me up on their site?

We recently were referred to a client with the same challenge. They paid $375 for three web pages on another company's website. The address didn't even reflect the name of their business! Their biggest complaint was they are getting no response from it. Here are some of the issues we discovered with this that are common to this kind of arrangement:

  • Only the body of the page was related to their company. All the navigation and advertising elements on the page were that of the "hosting" company making their pages easy to navigate away from.
  • The "hosting" company was a completely unrelated business.
  • Metatags and keywords, keys to search engines finding the web site, were placed in the code "behind" each web page. These elements were that of the "hosting" company and not their company.
  • They are selling products. The website offered a list of these products along with a quick form for the user to send only their personal information along with their credit card number. This form didn't even offer the user a chance to order how many of which product directly. YIKES! Any time you request this kind of information from your visitor, you need to be on a secure server that will encrypt the information entered and sent. If you intend to sell your products online, offer a secure order form or shopping cart solution so that the buyer is comfortable making their purchase right then!

 Additional Tips:

  • "A picture is worth a thousand words," a wise person once said. They had one picture of the product, yet had many varieties. Make the investment to have professional pictures taken of each and every one of your products, in and out of their packaging. Make sure to include exact information for each product with ingredients, measurements, function, etc. The more information you give to your visitor, the better chance they will feel comfortable making a purchase online knowing they are seeing what they will get.
  • Get your own URL and plan on paying for web hosting services. It is significantly more powerful for someone to be able to get to you directly. How efficient would it be to dial someone else's telephone number then have to dial another telephone number to get to you? Same idea. Zee Designs will obtain a URL and web hosting services for you. It's just part of being professional to obtain these services directly rather than indirectly.
  • Be smart about your budget. If $375 is all you have to spend on a website, you are not being realistic, especially in this case where an e-commerce solution would best serve you. Spend that same $375 on a professional Development Plan so you have a "map" to go by. Save your money, create a more realistic advertising budget in alignment with the Development Plan, and put your web site project in phases you can more easily afford. We can work with you on how to do this.
  • If you are not ready to have your own website built and would still like exposure on the internet, and if you are already advertising in a publication which offers you exposure on their website, consider purchasing a single or few pages on their website and potentially increase your visibility in this way. When you are ready to consider your own site, we will walk you through the process.