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Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions related to Zee Designs, websites and print topics. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

How do I sort the good website designers/developers from the bad?

The process of getting your own web site can be both confusing and scary. You're constantly being told that for your business to survive you must have a web presence. Adding to this pressure, web designers are coming out of the woodwork from every direction. How do you sort out the good from the bad and what is a fair price for their services? How can you use your site to truly enhance your business?

The easiest way to sort through these phone calls is to ask for their web site address, commonly referred to as URL (Uniform Resource Locator-the address for a web site), and take a look at it yourself.

While visiting their web site, locate their Portfolio and link to the other web site projects they have done.

Basic things to consider when browsing a website:

  • Do you like the site style and is it visually pleasing?
    An important thing to remember is most often designers will focus on their particular client's taste, goal and market, which may be different from your personal taste and style. However, did the web site reflect the taste and style of THAT company's market?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
    As you move around the site, can you tell where you are? Think of it like a magazine or book with different sections or chapters. See if you can locate the information you would like to read easily.
  • Did the site load quickly?
    15 seconds or less is ideal and 60 seconds or less is common for web sites that offer advanced navigation options and dynamic elements.
  • Is information organized and easy to read?
    How can you know what to click on when everything is blinking at you and dozens of items are underlined or highlighted? It is important that
    • your information be easy to find;
    • you provide links to other related material within your web site;
    • art and picture elements are used efficiently and effectively;
    • each page is easy on the eyes making reading and navigation pleasurable.

If you like their portfolio, move on to other considerations.

Check out their Services.

  • Do they have a complete set of options for you to choose from?
  • What is their specialty?
  • What is their background and experience-is it related?
  • Do they offer state-of-the-art solutions?
  • Are they interested in a particular kind of web site project and do you fit in their project scope? Maybe your web site project is too small, large or complex.

Check their references

  • Do they share a client list?
  • Do they have testimonials?

Talk to the principals.

  • Do they talk your language?
  • Do they understand your business?
  • Are they used to meetings the requirements you have?
  • Will the project be in your price range?

If you get enough information, it will be an easy decision.