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How does the Zee Designs Virtual Team work? What are the benefits?

Zee Designs is fortunate to have a team of talented people in Las Vegas and around the country participating on our projects. We are continually in contact via telephone, e-mail, and Instant Message. With modern technology, it is like being just down the hall or in the same room. We are fortunate to be able to choose our team members from the best in the nation.

With different time zones represented, we can have quicker turn-around on your projects because there are people working on your project for far longer than the standard work day. In addition, we have clients around the country, so why not have team members there as well!

Each of our team members has a work space that is private and suited specifically to his or her own specialties and requirements, and there are fewer distractions than in a busy office, so they can be more focused and productive. In addition, in these days of great concern over sustainability issues, we are able to conserve resources by doing most of our work digitally.

Here at Zee designs, wherever we are beneath the big virtual roof, we are dedicated to serving you.