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What are some potential risks of Search Engine Marketing?

One of the biggest risks of pay-per-click is having a competitor or other malicious person click repeatedly to run up your costs, without giving any return. This can be done by people who use the same keywords and wish to keep you from bidding on advertising for that keyword to lower their own cost or increase their own exposure. Click fraud in its many forms has become a growing issue that has search engines scrambling for answers and it has spawned a number of products to help search engines and site owners monitor their traffic.

Another risk is that some of the other advertisers may not be companies you would enjoy being grouped with in an advertising section. Try searching on the keywords you would target and see what other advertisers show up. If the other advertisers go to link farms, spam sites, or other questionable sites, then it would lower your image to be listed among them. For some types of businesses this is less of an issue than for others.