Estimate a Project

We have a solution for every budget.

In order to be fair to both the client and Zee Designs, we have developed a per hour, varied fee schedule based upon the complexities of each task aspect. Billing is in 15-minute increments. A Proposal including Project Cost Estimate will be outlined and presented for your review and confirmation of order placement.

All Estimates are prepared on an hourly basis. Hourly billing means you, the client, only pay for the time spent on the work.

For long-term projects, you may request the Estimate also be prepared with fixed pricing. If it takes Zee Designs longer to accomplish the tasks outlined in the Estimate, you do not pay additional monies. Conversely, if we accomplish the tasks outlined in the Estimate faster than anticipated, you still pay the same fixed price.

As per our Remuneration for Services Agreement:

All fees and expenses presented to the Client are Estimates only. Estimates may fluctuate (up or down) depending upon the adjustments and considerations made that cause change to the project(s). Final fees and expenses shall be shown when invoice(s) is rendered. The Client’s verbal or written approval shall be obtained for any increases in fees or expenses that exceed the original estimate by 10% or more.

If project production has not started within 90 days of the date of the Estimate, no refund of deposit will be made, and the Estimate must be revised.

Zee Designs is dedicated to providing a variety of services to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money. From simple to complex, we've been providing cost-effective solutions for our clients since 1988 and we're proud of it.