Current Clients

Small changes can mean big impact in a competitive market.

Our Passion is delighting our clients — again and again!

The world is constantly changing, and Zee Designs is continually expanding its offerings to help you keep your leading edge advantage in the marketplace. It is our desire to support you and nurture our relationship so that your media — whatever type it is — can change to support you even better as your business grows and flourishes.

New technology can enhance your business.

We recommend that you arrange for periodic checkups to see how your website, marketing, print, and multimedia productions can be honed and refocused to take advantage of new technologies, changing market conditions, new products or services you offer, and your growth as an organization.

Enhancements you might consider

  1. Add a ZD-eNews™ module to your website so you can send image branded newsletters and emails that match your site style to people in your database, quickly and easily.
  2. Add photographic slide shows, video, or other multimedia productions to your website.
  3. Add a blog. We can even provide ongoing content.
  4. Update your Membership Manager for enhanced capabilities and data mining.
  5. Update your website with online Event Registration for managing attendees to both complimentary and pay-for events.
  6. Make enhancements to print media to support your website. Put digital copies of brochures on the website.
  7. Take a look at the entire list of ZD-CMS™ modules available so that you can see which  additional modules that can enhance your business.
  8. Be more interactive with your audience. Add forms, questionnaires or surveys.
  9. Consider a custom module or software application as a solution to a business challenge, to ease the way office staff works, or to increase service to your audience.

Small changes can mean big impact in a competitive market. 

Contact us to see how we can help.