Development Consulting

Paving the road to success.

Every project requires planning, and the bigger the job,
the more important the planning becomes.

Development Consulting is the process of gleening and gathering all the information required to develop any and all projects, and in the end create detailed estimates. It means disovering every aspect of the client's vision, analyzing it, preparing the framework within which the project may be developed, and determining the feasibility of doing it within the current client budget. This service ensures that Zee Designs and the client have the same vision right down to the nitty gritty.

Development Consulting is the first step of any and all projects undertaken by Zee Designs. It is required for us to create a Scope of Work Outline, Proposal, Timeline, and Estimates. It is comparable to the process that an architect uses to design a residence or commercial property starting with blueprints, detailed materials lists, timelines, and so on. A detailed plan flushes out potential areas of challenge, ensures the development goes smoothly, and clients are assured that their vision will be achieved.

As a project proceeds, Development Consulting is used when additional requests are made or additional questions arise during the production and development processes. Development Consulting ensures that the project hits the target every time.

Development Consulting can also be a stand-alone service to help your company's staff breathe new life into an old project by giving a fresh perspecitve, or even support a new project when your own team gets stuck. Many times it is the lead-in to other ways we can help on a design, development, or technical basis, using the depth of our experience. We open the doors to the latest technology and then help you walk through them.

We use Development Consulting to help other Development Companies on projects where they require support in any of the many specialized areas where Zee Designs excels. We then can train or assist the other company in solving their design or coding challenge.

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