Community Module Bio Submission

Zee Designs has developed the form below to help individuals create the content for their biographies. Website visitors will be reading about you, so the biographies on a site should be informational and standardized. Personnel bios are commonly written in the third person, meaning that rather than using words like I, me, or my, please format your responses using your name or the pronouns like he/she, his/her in your answers.

If you are unsure about the format, simply answer the questions the best you can, and we will have a professional writer edit your responses to meet the formatting standards.

Please send us a photograph that expresses your image as you would like to be seen professionally. Your image will be re-sized or cropped as necessary. We will contact you if there is anything about the photo that makes it unusable for this purpose. If there is no available photo, a placeholder will appear instead.

Uploading multiple files: If you wish to send us multiple files, please use the latest version of WinZip or StuffIt to compress them in to one file before sending them.