Testimonials from Our Clients

What we have done for so many others... we can do for you.

It is one thing for us to tell you about ourselves and a completely different thing to hear it from someone else. We are sincerely grateful for the relationships we have with our clients.

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We are picky...and skeptical. We won't let just anyone work on our web site. With Zee Designs, we were given amazing service and even better creative. Our web site still get's major praises from customers, store owners, and even competitors.

The design is first class. The functionality and back end capabilities are robust and easy to use. Zee's team communicated the details every step of the way. They asked numerous "what if?" questions so we were sure to build the web site into a masterpiece.

We couldn't be happier. You will be too. While others talk of strategy, back end support, client access privileges and so on, Zee just does it.

If you're picky about your brand and you want the best, go with Zee Designs!

John Barnes
VP of Marketing
Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions 

John Barnes, VP of Marketing, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, Las Vegas, NV