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It was in the summer of 2009 that I first contacted Zee Designs about taking a huge project of mine, the CMI Nutrition Program Workbook, to the next and much needed level. The Nutrition Workbook is an in-depth document used with all of our patients to provide the educational and foundational basis for our patients’ growth and development as they take on behavioral changes toward a healthier lifestyle. At that point, the project had been in development for over a year.

While much progress had been made, the workbook, unfortunately, had also become very “stale.” It lacked the flow and vibrancy necessary to motivate patients and positively influence their behavior. When it was given to Zee Designs, it was really just a series of documents. However, Zee Designs was able to look past the physical presentation of this booklet and key in on its potential. With thoughtful and thorough review of our company’s mission, program goals, and individual intentions, Zee Designs was able to help us transform our booklet into a key piece of correspondence between patient and health care provider.

Their interaction further inspired the nutrition & exercise team to re-commence the development of other program components so that we can offer our patients a complete informational set of tools. As a result of this wonderfully positive experience, we will also be working together on other projects, including the Nutraceutical Brochure and product labels.

It is a pleasure to work with the team at Zee Designs. Yes, our relationship is rather young, but quality speaks eons over quantity and I am well aware of how profoundly they have impressed my team as well as everyone else who has interacted with Zee Designs since 2001. I proudly recommend Zee Designs without reservation to any party looking to bring their visions to life.

Cicely Valenti
Director of Nutrition & Exercise
Cenegenics® Medical Institute

Cicely Valenti, Director of Nutrition & Exercise, CenegenicsĀ® Medical Institute, Las Vegas, NV