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It is one thing for us to tell you about ourselves and a completely different thing to hear it from someone else. We are sincerely grateful for the relationships we have with our clients.

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We appreciated Zee Designs' exceptional print development work so much we persistently encouraged them to learn website design and development. With their extensive background, talent and willingness to learn, it made it easy for us to see the perfect fit and we needed someone we could feel confident referring this type of business to. As an ISP service, we are constantly being asked for a website design and developer referal. Our experience has been that there are so many who say they are web masters and so few who really know what they are doing.

Over the years we have watched Zee Designs develop their skills in this area, always persisting for excellence. We are happy, our referred customers are happy, and it was worth our persistence.

George, Daniel & Lisa Jacobs
cheshirecat.net - Seattle, WA
formerly of @wizard.com

George, Daniel & Lisa Jacobs, cheshirecat.net, Seattle, WA