In the process of growth comes redefining oneself, and that's what is happening for ZDI.

From time to time throughout the last few weeks, we have been processing with Kay, our Business Development Consultant, about what direction to take with our website content so that it is in alignment with what we have become and where we are going. As is true with any business, ours grows, changes, metamorphoses, and transitions. What clients request and we fulfill becomes a definition of who we are, what services we offer, what technologies we learn, the experience and knowledge we bring to the next project, and where we are heading.

When I review the plethora of information we have, it quickly gets overwhelming for me. To calm this reaction, I remember that it was more than an overnight process. In fact, it took years to develop what we see here on this website.

It all starts with a vision: the visions of our clients, visions of our own, and then combined visions. I adore partaking in the weaving of visions with our team and our clients. It's one of the most inspiring and spiritual aspects of our work. There comes a time when we just have to admit that Divine intervention exists and it plays an important role in the creative process of everything we do. Recognizing, seeing, and listening to this guidance, well, it just is. Sure, it is business and fair warning . . . our hearts and our guts get involved. Big time!

Kay asked, "What's the one word that defines who you are and everything you do, all of your services, the underlying, single thread?"

It came to me immediately, "Developers. We are developers," I answered surely, "We develop relationships, image branding, print media, multimedia, web solutions, software . . . we develop!"

Instantly a wave of relief and a wide smile came upon me. A rush of excitement danced in my soul and gushed forward in a flurry of conversation.

In our website content Who We Are, it in part reads, “We are a team of award-winning, top-talented professionals dedicated to developing Creative and Interactive Solutions that present you and your business in the way you've always imagined.” Imagined . . . envisioned . . . vision! These visions then become reality, and what gets it there? Developers, developing, development! In fact, it's all about developers.

Developing: this is our unifying principle behind everything we do.

Now, time to write new, rewrite, reorganize, and redefine our website content. Oh, and that commonly touted “overnight success” saying . . . is that ever true? One word, one phrase, one sentence, one paragraph at a time. Yup, it’s a process, a developing process. {smile}