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Agreements are part of the process, too, and we like to be up front about them. This is a list of our standard Agreements that may be modified to accomodate special projects, Overviews, Terms of Service and Policies. All clients sign our Remuneration for Services Agreement.

  1. Remuneration for Service Agreement (.pdf 63K)
  2. ZD-CMS™ and ZD-SaaS Terms of Service Overview (.pdf 600K)
  3. ZD-CMS™ and ZD-SaaS Terms of Service (.pdf 101K)
  4. ZDI Billing Policies
  5. ZDI Customer Support Policy Overview (.pdf 419K)
  6. ZDI Customer Support Policy (.pdf 422K)
  7. ZDI-SaaS End User License Agreement (EULA) Summary (.pdf 423K)
  8. ZDI-SaaS End User License Agreement (.pdf 1,860K)


  • Remuneration for Services Agreement
    This agreement pertains to all projects including, without limitation, the design, development, production and coordination of print collateral or website media or other services as requested and agreed upon by the Client. Projects may be discussed and determined both in writing (including email and facsimile) and verbal.

    Project production will commence on the date when both of the following conditions are met:

    1. This Agreement has been executed by both Developer and Client and
    2. The first deposit payment has been made to Developer for the first accepted Estimate by the Client.

At the bottom of Estimates and Change Orders is the Acceptance & Remuneration for Services clause that in reads, "I, [Client Name], [Client Title(s) on behalf of [Company Name], have reviewed the above Estimate and do hereby confirm my order placement with Zee Designs Inc. (ZDI) with the understanding that this is an ESTIMATE ONLY. I understand that my signature herein or written confirmation by email, and a retainer for 50% of the total amount stated herein is required to move this project into active production. ZDI will submit an Invoice(s) to me reflecting the accurate charges upon depletion of this retainer and completion of this project for which said invoice is Due Upon Receipt. Terms of the standard ZDI Remuneration for Services Agreement apply."

Estimates are sent and are accepted via RPost Registered email and are legally binding.


The following agreements are dependent upon the type and level of service provided.

  • Virtual Web Hosting Terms of Service - Shared Web Clients
    Virtual Web Hosting means more than one domain name on the same computer. This agreement is used when a single client and their website(s) and related website applications are on a Managed Dedicated Server acquired by ZDI from ViaWest, Inc. and may be shared with a limited number of other ZDI clients.
    • This is a confidential agreement and available upon acquisition of services.
  • Service Level Agreement for Dedicated & Virtual Web Hosting - Single Web Client
    This agreement is used when a single client and their website(s) and related website applications are on a single, Managed Dedicated Server or group of servers.

    This service level agreement (SLA) is provided by ViaWest, Inc. — ZDI's preferred web hosting services provider — to Zee Designs Inc. or the Client of ZDI (depending on the monthly payment amount and payment arrangement) to establish certain service level commitments with respect to ViaWest’s dedicated and virtual web hosting service located in one of their enterprise-class data centers.  This SLA will apply with respect to the Service as set forth within the agreement pursuant to a fully executed ViaWest service agreement with a term commitment of one year or more.
    • This is an agreement customized to clients requirements and is developed upon request of acquisition of services.


We develop all our clients websites in our proprietary Content Management System, the ZD-CMS™. This is a server-based software product, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows website designers and developers to integrate the programming code of their website style with a robust Content Management System. The ZD-CMS™ can be accessed by clients and their representatives who have been given the appropriate training and permissions to manage the non-site-style-related content.

  • ZD-CMS™ Client Account Terms of Service
    The Client ("You") Account Service includes, and is limited to, access to and use of a web site Manager where You may use the ZD-CMS™ to create, update, share, and publish information, data, text, messages, documents or other materials ("Content").

NOTE: Agreements are subject to change without notice.