about ZDI

Our Vision

With integrity at the forefront and unabashed faith in our hearts, we provide a cohesive team of experienced talent to discover our clients' dreams, create an organized and well-thought-out plan, and deliver excellence throughout the process. We are dedicated to achieving our clients' dreams while exceeding their expectations. We assist those who assist the wellbeing of others and together we impact our communities. Along the way, we provide information to our clients so they are confident in their decisions and our team efforts.

A recipient of certification in the Nevada Unified Certification Program, Zee Designs enjoys sharing their extensive knowledge and talents with a diverse variety of clientele. For over 20 years, they have been assisting businesses with their web, print, and marketing needs, creating interactive solutions, and using intelligent technology.

Founded by Zee Marie in December 1988, Zee Designs has developed its wide range of talents to encompass all of your print and web needs. In January 1999, Zee Designs became a legal partnership between longtime friends and associates, Zee Marie and Max Moss, and in July 2007, Zee Designs incorporated.

Since the very beginning, Zee Designs has been a partnership with a team of professionals dedicated to providing a variety of services and products to get your project done in a manner that saves you time and money! Whatever your project needs, Zee Designs offers you a rich resource exploding with an incredibly talented network of possibilities.